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Our ghost hunts at the historic 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office are not for the faint of heart.

The 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office is one of the most haunted buildings in Gila County, Arizona.

Paranormal activity that has been reported includes apparitions, strange mists, disembodied voices, unexplained footsteps, cold spots and being physically touched.

Old Gila County Jail And Court House Ghost Hunt, Haunted Paranormal Arizona
Old Gila County Jail And Court House Ghost Hunt, Haunted Paranormal Arizona
Old Gila County Jail And Court House Ghost Hunt, Haunted Paranormal Arizona

Event Start Time: 8:00pm

Event Finish Time: 3:00am

Your ghost hunt at Old Gila County Jail & Sheriff’s Office includes the following:

Overnight Access to the most haunted areas.

Access to the County Jail.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Location History

On a quiet street in Globe, Arizona stands a three-story monument to old western justice.

Situated next to the courthouse, is a chilling three-story building made of stone.

It’s time for you to step inside the haunted 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office!

The silver boom of the 1800’s resulted in the formation of a mining camp in the Arizona territory in 1875. This camp was called “Globe City”, which was later shortened to “Globe”, as the camp grew into a small community by 1876.

Silver mining began drying up in 1881. However, copper mining began, which fully replaced silver by 1887 and still exists in Globe today.

Due to the remote location of Globe, there was a constant presence of outlaw behavior. This type of ongoing behavior eventually led to the construction of the 1910 Jail and Sheriff’s Office.

The 1910 Jail and Sheriff’s Office which handled the overflow from the existing jail at the neighboring courthouse. The jail was constructed on the site of a wooden gallows that was executed for executions from 1881 to 1904.

On June 23, 1910, 12-year-old Myrtle Goswick and her sister 14-year-old Lou Goswick were drowned at Horseshoe Bend. The girls had been with ranch hand Kingsley Olds, who stated a man shot him, which resulted in the girls becoming frightening and eventually drowning. Though many vouched for the character of Kingsley Olds, talk of mob violence was heavy.

On July 2, 1910, an unknown assailant gained entry to the 1910 Jail and Sheriff’s Office where Kingsley Olds was held. Kingsley Olds was shot and killed in his cell. Neither the murder of Olds nor the murders of Myrtle and Lou Goswick have ever been officially solved.

On September 14, 1910, Fred Kibbe and Albert Hillpot went hunting around the San Carlos reservation. When the men reached Tuttle Station, they encountered John B. Goodwin and William Stewart, who ran the station. Stewart’s dog bit Hillpot on the leg, which resulted in Hillpot kicking it.

On the night of September 15, 201, Kibbe and Hillpot returned to Tuttle Station after a night of hunting. The men were brutally murdered, which led to Goodwin and Stewart’s arrest and conviction for the crime. On May 13, 1913, Goodwin was hanged. On May 29, 1914, Stewart was also executed.

In December of 1935, Earl Gardner murdered his wife, Nancy, and his son, Edward. After the murders, Gardner stated “get a good rope and get it over with.” Gardner was convicted of the murders and sentenced to hanging.

Gardner was held in the 1910 Jail and Sheriff’s Office until July 13, 1936, when he was brought to specially constructed gallows near Coolidge Dam. The execution was considered especially horrific, with Gardner choking and gasping for 25 minutes until Sheriff Lon Jordan stepped through the trap and put his weight on Gardner to cut off his breathing. This was the last legal execution in Arizona.

In 1981 the jail closed and serves today as a museum which is open for tours and special events.

The Paranormal

Visitors the 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office report unexplained voices, as well as movements and footsteps around the building. Staff building the “Haunted Jail” attraction which is housed at the 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office for the Halloween season have powered off equipment only to see it power back on.

Apparitions of men, women, and children have been seen through the building as well as the catwalk that adjoins the jail with the neighboring courthouse. Visitors have also reported cold spots, unexplained lights, and being physically touched.

As you walk into this historic relic of the true wild west, what will you encounter? Perhaps you’ll feel the energy of Kingsley Olds, who was murdered in his cell while being held for a crime he was never convicted of.

You may hear the voices, footsteps, and movements of those who spent time within these walls prior to their executions. It could be you who encounters the wild energies of murderers Earl Gardner, William Stewart, and John B. Goodwin.

In looking out at the catwalk which adjoins the 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office to the courthouse, what might you see? The ghosts of those who were hanged at the gallows which stood on this very spot before the 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office was built?

The 1910 Jail & Sheriff’s Office holds the imprint of all who spent their last days accused or convicted of terrible crimes. The energy that can be felt inside this building dates to the days of lawlessness in the wild Arizona territory.

This dark building holds over 100 years of grim and bloody history. Spend a night and find out what spirits remain, and just what may be waiting for you.

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