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Our Ghost Hunts at the foreboding Salina Masonic Temple take you into a secret world of the dead.

The Salina Masonic Temple is one of the most massive and haunted locations in Salina, Kansas.

Paranormal activity includes voices, footsteps, furniture moving, shadows, and physical attacks.

Salina Masonic Temple, Haunted Kansas Overnight Ghost Hunt
Salina Masonic Temple, Haunted Kansas Overnight Ghost Hunt
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Event Start Time: 8:30pm

Event Finish Time: 4:00am

Your ghost hunt at Salina Masonic Temple includes the following:

Exclusive Access to the most haunted areas.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.

Location History

Salina, Kansas is a city that traces its roots back to a territory before the Louisiana Purchase with a bloody history of Native American skirmishes, bushwhacker violence, and the horrific Civil War.

Standing on Santa Fe Avenue is an absolutely massive structure that tells of another type of history. This history is one that recounts a century of masonic presence in Salina. A history that’s still being written.

Can you keep a secret? You’ve arrived at the incredibly haunted Salina Masonic Temple and it’s time to step inside the world of a secret society that’s filled with mystery, silence, sacred rituals, and the spirit world!

The current Masonic Temple broke ground in 1920.  This structure replaced the previous temple that was destroyed by fire, rebuilt, and then fell out of favor as a need for something more modern arose.

On July 11, 1921, the partially completed temple collapsed. The dome above the dining room dropped down from the fifth floor to the ground, carrying columns, pillars, and the rest of the floors along with it.

On January 30, 1922, a fire destroyed the upped two floors. After several years of issues, disasters and setbacks, construction was finally completed in 1927, and the Masonic Temple became ready for use.

The Masonic Temple remained in use for decades, with the top two floors still in use for masonic business today. Now known as the Masonic Center, the building is used as a venue for different events.

The Paranormal

Salina Masonic Temple is a massive structure which holds the many stories of a secret society. Also held secret, are the spirits of those who inhabit this amazingly haunted location. Just who are these spirits?

Upon entering this historic and haunted temple, take a few moments to stand by yourself. You may feel a slight tug on your hair. You can try finding out who’s pulling hair and see if they’ll tell why they do it.

The grand theatre is a magnificent area. It still houses the largest professional stage in Salina. A man in a top hat enjoys watching from the very top balcony. Perhaps he may tell you what he waits there to see.

On the fourth floor, you may play witness to the sight of objects shaking or doors moving. Sit for awhile and see if this busy spirit decides to take a break from moving things to have a conversation with you.

Pay attention as you ascend any staircases. You may be alarmed at the feeling of someone running up behind you and the sound of their footsteps as they do it. Who’s trying to chase you out and why?

A female spirit in the kitchen is decidedly a bit more welcoming. She’s been known to talk quite frequently. While you’re in the area, find out what it is she’s trying to say and if she needs any help.

Many areas of the Masonic Temple are known to have reported of shadows, music, singing, and conversations where you can’t quite make out the words. What will you see and hear as you explore?

For nearly 100 years, the haunted Masonic Temple saw many people come through its doors. It seems some of them never left. The energy imprinted within this massive building is strong and abundant.

From former attendees of the grand theatre to masons from years past who still try to conduct business, there are many spirits here. How many of them will you get an opportunity to communicate with?

As you join us on an investigation of this massive and ominous location, you get the chance to meet several types of spirits. Those who welcome you, and those who still protect their organization.

You’re entering a busy world of the dead with spirits who might have never allowed you in while alive. Can you keep their secrets? Or will you uncover some? Come find out! That is, if you can last all night!

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