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Fort Knox Ghost Hunt
Prospect, Maine
Saturday September 3rd 2022


Pay a deposit of $30.00 per person (remaining balances are due 4 weeks before the event! All deposits and full payments are non refundable)
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Move quickly! Hide! The caretaker is coming! Don’t let him catch you!

Welcome to Fort Knox, one of the most terrifying locations in Maine.

Footsteps, voices, apparitions, shadows, physical touches, and heat anomalies have all been reported at this massive, historic, and intensely haunted location.

Haunted Fort Knox Maine, Fort Knox Main, Paranormal Fort Knox, Ghost Hunt Fort Knox Maine
Haunted Fort Knox Maine, Fort Knox Main, Paranormal Fort Knox, Ghost Hunt Fort Knox Maine
Haunted Fort Knox Maine, Fort Knox Main, Paranormal Fort Knox, Ghost Hunt Fort Knox Maine

Event Start Time: 8:00pm

Event Finish Time: 4:00am

Your ghost hunt at Fort Knox includes the following:

Exclusive Access to the most haunted areas, including the haunted Two Step Alley.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.

Location History

The town of Prospect is, like many small communities in Maine, quiet and full of history. The tranquility of the area can easily result in thoughts of activities such as writing or fishing. On the western banks of the Penobscot River stands an imposing pentagon shaped building, constructed of granite.

It’s time to march over and man your post at one of Maine’s most haunted locations…Fort Knox!

In 1820, Maine gained statehood after Massachusetts failed to protect the area. By that time, the region had been humiliated by the British during both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. As a State, the citizens of Maine felt a determination not to end up on the losing of war for a third time.

After a near-war from 1838-1839 over international boundaries between Maine and New Brunswick, concern grew over the state’s vulnerability. This concern led to the idea of building a large granite fort on the Penobscot River, which would come to be known as Fort Knox.

Construction of Fort Knox began in 1844. The fort was named after the first U.S. Secretary of War. Major General Henry Knox. Henry Knox had lived in the area near the end of his life. Fort Knox was set to be the first granite fort to be built in Maine, as earlier forts were constructed of wood, stone, or earth.

In 1869, construction funding was pulled from Fort Knox, which was mostly completed by that time. At completion (or as complete as Fort Knox would ever be), the fort held 64 guns and 2 open water batteries that faced the river.

Fort Knox never saw battle during any war. However, the fort was always manned, and a controlled minefield was placed into the Penobscot River during the Spanish-American War. In 1900, a permanent torpedo storage was added at Fort Knox, in the area that is now the Visitor’s Center.

In 1923, Fort Knox was declared excess property by the federal government. The 125-acre site was bought by the state of Maine for $2,121. In November of 1936, work was completed which would turn Fort Knox into a tourist area. Fort Knox has been listed as a Maine historic site since 1943.

In the 1990’s, the “Friends of Fort Knox” non-profit group formed and have since been responsible for many repairs to the fort. Operations at Fort Knox was taken over by Friends of Fort Knox on April 15, 2012. As of today, Fort Knox hosts tours for a small entrance fee as well as occasional events.

The Paranormal

The “Long Alley” of Fort Knox is dark and foreboding. Spend some time and see what other spirits are roaming about. You could also hear breathing that you’ll suddenly realize isn’t yours.

As you walk around in Battery B, perhaps you can find the answer to why hot spots are captured in the area without explanation.

In the notorious area known as “Two-Step Alley”, you may be surprised to discover that you likely aren’t alone. If you hear footsteps or a voice that says, “You’re Trespassing”, it’s possible that you have encountered the spirit of former Ordinance SGT Leopold Hegyi, who worked as caretaker at Fort Knox  for 13 years, until his death in 1900.  You can also investigate whether SGT Hegyi is one of the many shadows that have been seen in this area.

The entire grounds of Fort Knox lend itself to the possibility of seeing spirits in various areas. You may also feel their energy, as some have been pushed, grabbed, or had their hat knocked off their heads.

Fort Knox is a unique, imposing location with many stories to tell and secrets to unlock.

Listen to the calls of the past as the sun begins to fade over the Penobscot River.

How haunted is Fort Knox? On our investigation, you’ll get a chance to find out. They’re waiting for you!

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