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Old St James Hospital Ghost Hunt
Butte, Montana
Friday September 16th 2022


Pay a deposit of $30.00 per person (remaining balances are due 4 weeks before the event! All deposits and full payments are non refundable)
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Our ghost hunts at Old St. James Hospital will open a door to a new level of fear!

The Old St. James Hospital is one of the most haunted locations in Butte, Montana.

Paranormal activity includes disembodies voices, shadows, and objects being moved.

Old St James Hospital Butte, Haunted Old St James Hospital | Paranormal
Old St James Hospital Butte, Haunted Old St James Hospital | Paranormal
Old St James Hospital Butte, Haunted Old St James Hospital | Paranormal

Event Start Time: 8:00pm

Event Finish Time: 5:00am

Your ghost hunt at Old St James Hospital includes the following:

Exclusive Access to the most haunted areas.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.

Location History

Upon visiting Butte, Montana, it’s easy to think back to 1864, when the vibrant town sprung forth from a mining camp. You can also imagine the influx of migrants and miners who looked to strike gold or silver.

Those historic buildings could tell many tells of debauchery as any sort of vice was acceptable in earlier times. You may also want to learn that Butte contained one of the last red-light districts in the country.

As you walk south on Idaho Street, you will eventually stand in front of a large, ominous building with a cross delicately perched at the top. Say hello to those who wait for you inside Old St James Hospital!

In 1881, five Sisters of Charity arrived from Leavenworth, Kansas and founded the Old St. James Hospital. The mission of this hospital was to provide medical care and services to the poor.

As a response to the many injuries and deaths associated with mining, illness, and criminal acts, a second floor was added to the hospital in 1889. Further additions followed in 1896, 1906, and 1915.

An expansion in 1906 filled the need to open a nursing school that could help accommodate the growing workloads that many staff faced. The old building was completely rebuilt and remodeled in the 1940’s.

In 1962, Old St. James Hospital became abandoned as operations moved into the Butte Memorial Hospital. Businesses moved in and out until the 1980’s, when the building became apartments.

Access to the Old. St. James Hospital was rarely ever granted, as it served as storage since the early 2000’s. The building is now open for events and Ghost Hunts USA has the chance to take you inside!

The Paranormal

As you look up at the incredibly haunted Old. St. James Hospital, there’s much to think about before stepping in. Will you see a candle burning in a window or feel the unsettling vibe the building gives off?

Once inside, stop in the former maternity ward. Where will you hide when you hear a mysterious figure walking toward you? Be sure to check your phone, as batteries are known to quickly drain in this area.

Travel the hallways of this ominous building and introduce yourself to the spirits that have stories to tell. As these spirits are known to talk, perhaps you’ll find out who they are and what they are trying to say.

Stand still in any area of this hospital and listen quietly for a moment. Do you hear the sounds of objects being moved? This is where you can decide to face your fears and try to find out where, and who, it is.

The haunted Old St. James Hospital holds within it’s walls the energies of over 100 years of tragedy. The imprints of those energies upon this building will forever remain  from the events of the past.

You may encounter former miners, civil war soldiers, migrants, staff and community patients. Why are they still here? What happened to them? What do they have to say? That’s what you’re here to find out.

As you join us on our ghost hunts of the ominous Old St. James Hospital, what will you find? And once you find it, what will you do? Those are the questions only you can answer…If you can last the night!

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