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Randolph Asylum Ghost Hunt | Winchester, Indiana


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Ready to explore the wards?

The Spirits of many still linger here, from young children to the mentally insane. 

There is also the dark sinister entity that lurks in the basement, this is one in which truly makes its presence known.

Randolph Asylum Ghost Hunt

The Paranormal

This is a sleepover event, and you are permitted to sleep anywhere within this asylum.  Many guests choose a private ward room, whilst others sleep in one of the base rooms.  There is electricity here, and the main base areas have heat.  You are required to bring an air mattress / cot, and sleeping bag. 

The Spirits of many still linger here, from young children to the mentally insane.  There is also the dark sinister entity that lurks in the basement, this is one in which truly makes its presence known.

Undertaking vigils in the attic and the basement has proven to be one of the most active areas in this very foreboding former Asylum. Take many photo’s as many guests have been fortunate enough to capture full blown apparitions and bring your recording devices as the EVP’s you will capture here will send a shiver down your spine!

Many guests now bring flowers for “Mary” and place them in the kitchen.  Mary (a previous cook here) is a fundamental part of this asylum! We have been fortunate to capture mind-blowing voice phenomena from her.  She is clearly adorable and very protective of this hospital and some of its former patients.

The only question remains is will you be brave enough to undertake a long vigil in the prison cell that is located on one of the wards?

The History

The Randolph County Infirmary has a very chequered history, and much of its history has been withheld by the county on its many uses and the unmarked graves that are still here at the back of the Asylum.

Before it was turned into an asylum it was a fully working farm, but by 1852 it was called County Asylum, and the residents started to arrive! It was originally run by Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald, they were paid $500 per year to take the orphans, the poor and the mentally unstable.  They were employed to ensure the Asylum was kept clean, prepare meals and to tend to the needs of those living there. 

It fastly became apparent that there was money to be made, and this Infirmary turned into a self-sufficient asylum, producing its own food, which was also sold to make money for the County. Most of the work was done by the patients.

In 1896 a huge fire broke out with many patients dying in the blaze, and this is where the unmarked graves come from, it is reported that many were buried to the rear of the building, although no actual numbers can be confirmed on how many perished in this fire, it is rumoured to be in the hundreds!

Around 1899 a new infirmary was built and it stood on the ground on the previous one.

Many reports from previous workers have shown that the Infirmary had extremely poor conditions, many patients would roam the halls aimlessly, many would be on medication, many would not receive the much-needed care that was required.

During the 1900’s and well into the 1920’s The Randolph Asylum become a power of light for many families who clearly did not have the time, resources or need to care for their mentally challenged loved ones.

By 1930, many patients were placed in conciliary confinement when TB hit, and to this day the “food hatches” still stand on many of the rooms. It is reported that with a number of deaths that occurred during this period, there wasn’t enough time to provide a full funeral for the ones lost, so further unmarked graves were created.

There have been many unexplained deaths, including the man that accidentally fell out of a window as well as the torture of many patients which was conducted in the basement.

In 2008 the day came when the County closed the Asylum, and the remaining patients were transferred to other hospitals.

The unmarked graves of so many that perished here have still never been found, but many psychics that have visited this location have all described and pointed to the same spot.

What’s Included?

Your ghost hunt at Randolph County Infirmary includes the following:

  • History Tour.
  • Psychic Medium Vigil* (if psychic present).
  • Group Vigils.
  • Lone Vigils.
  • Overnight Ghost Hunt.
  • Overnight Sleepover in this very haunted location.
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Readers.
  • Free time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.
  • Unlimited Refreshments, Including Coffee, Bottled Water, and soda.
  • Continental Breakfast.
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