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Selma Mansion Ghost Hunt
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Saturday September 10th 2022


Pay a deposit of $30.00 per person (remaining balances are due 4 weeks before the event! All deposits and full payments are non refundable)
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Our Ghost Hunts at Selma Mansion in Norristown, Pennsylvania are not for the faint of heart.

The residual energy is still embedded in these very walls, and the spirits here will let their presences be known.

Many visitors, guests, staff and board members of Selma Mansion all claim to have experienced ghostly phenomena, including disembodied whispers in the ears, voices captured on recorders, the eerie feeling of the presence of someone waiting nearby, and the inexplicable sudden scent of roses.

Are you ready to explore this haunted location?

are unique, structured, small ghost hunting events for the paranormal enthusiast. We have booked highly sought after locations across America, and are making them available to a select few.

Each event is limited to small guest numbers, giving you more time with equipment, with team members and with the haunted location itself to explore, discover and question.

Selma Mansion Ghost Hunt
Selma Mansion Ghost Hunt
Selma Mansion Ghost Hunt

Event Start Time: 8:30pm

Event Finish Time: 4:00am

Your ghost hunt at Selma Mansion includes the following:

Thirteen Special Event.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Small Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.

Location History

Built by Andrew Porter in 1794, Selma Mansion is currently one of the oldest buildings in Norristown, Pennsylvania. It is located in Montgomery County, just about 40 minutes from the New Jersey border and only 6 miles from Philadelphia.

This once grand and opulent mansion was constructed around an existing building owned by Alexander McCammon until 1786. Porter purchased the property after serving as a solider in the Revolutionary War, and he played a key role in the development of the Continental Marines – a precursor to today’s U.S. Marine Corp. Porter later became Surveyor General and assisted in the development and layout of the commonwealth’s borders, and he eventually earned the rank of General.

The stunning home sits atop a hill, and the exterior was built in Federal style, however the interior woodworking was classified as Georgian or Colonial. At one time there was a beautiful Italianate front porch and balcony, but the only evidence of it that remains are large marks around the front door and the left-side windows.

Porter was father to a number of children, twelve of whom survived into adulthood, and four of his sons had very distinguished careers. The property remained in the Porter family until 1821 when it was sold to Andrew Knox, Jr., and it was later passed down to his son Col. Thomas P. Knox. The Knox family lived at Selma Mansion until it was eventually sold to Joseph Fornance, who served in the United States Congress.

It stayed in the Fornance family for another two generations, ending with his grandson, Joseph Knox Fornance and his wife, Ruth Ryder Fornance. After she lost her husband, Ruth remained in the house until her passing. The home was left to Montgomery County when Ruth Fornance died in 1982.

Unfortunately, instead of having the once-cherished home taken care of by the county, the belongings were put up in an estate sale in the late 1980s. The historical items of the families who called Selma Mansion home were liquidated.

The property was eventually sold to a developer who immediately began building an apartment complex on the outskirts of the land, with the intention of making Selma Mansion into a recreation center. However, this idea never came to fruition and the old home was considered to be slated for demolition.

Fortunately, several neighbors took notice, and they formed the Norristown Preservation Society – and their only purpose was to save Selma Mansion. They bought the home and the land surrounding it in the 1990s.

Today, the amazing history of this home is being shared with and preserved for visitors, featuring tours, special events, and open houses. But it seems the biggest draw for guests to Selma Mansion are those who still call it home, even though no living person has resided here since Ruth died in 1982.

The question is, which spirits still linger within the historic walls of this once affluent home?

Could it be Andrew Porter, still checking on the place he built for his family?

Perhaps it could be one of the Knox children who reportedly died from illness, along with their mother, back in Victorian times.

Many people visiting the old house believe it’s Ruth Fornance trying to communicate from the other side, letting them know how she feels about her beloved home that she sought to have preserved.

Join us in exploring and investigating Selma Mansion and see whose spirits you may encounter. This amazing property is full of history to be discovered and secrets to be shared by the ghosts who continue to roam here – if you ask the right questions and know how to listen for the answers.

The Paranormal

Here’s your chance to investigate the once luxurious and opulent Selma Mansion, located in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Built in 1794 by Andrew Porter, and home to multiple generations of three affluent families including the Porters, the Knoxes and the Fornances, this gorgeous mansion may well be one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania. 

Now owned by the Norristown Preservation Society, visitors, guests, staff, and board members of Selma Mansion all claim to have experienced ghostly phenomena, including disembodied whispers in their ears, voices captured on recorders, the eerie feeling of the presence of someone waiting nearby, and the inexplicable sudden scent of roses. 

Others claim to see shadows and apparitions throughout the home, including a male entity outside the study, and a woman in white by Mrs. Fornance’s bedroom window. There are often sounds of knocking, footsteps, shuffling feet – especially in children’s rooms on the third floor. 

Paranormal investigators document capturing EVPs on voice recorders in response to questions they pose to the spirits.

At one time, a video camera caught a light being turned on when there was no one in the room. Still other visitors report the opening and closing of cabinets doors by unseen forces, and the now-deactivated buzzer in Ruth’s bedroom making noise.

Will you be fortunate to experience some kind of communication with the other side at Selma Mansion?

Perhaps Mrs. Fornance wants to tell you about her beloved home and how she would like it to be preserved.

Maybe General Porter still has something to say about the house he built for his family more than two hundred years ago.

Are the Knox children still playing in their bedrooms?

If you join us at this amazing place, you may be able to figure out who still lingers here long after they have passed on.

Experience this one-of-a-kind location with us – book your ticket now!

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