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The Shanley Hotel Ghost Hunt
Napanoch, New York
Saturday August 13th 2022


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Grab your bag, check right in, and spend your night with the many spirits of the Haunted Shanley Hotel!

The Shanley Hotel is one of the most haunted buildings in southern New York!

Our ghost hunts at this location give you an opportunity to experience the incredible paranormal activity which can only be defined as supernatural!

The Shanley Hotel Ghost Hunt | Haunted Paranormal In New York
The Shanley Hotel Ghost Hunt | Haunted Paranormal In New York
The Shanley Hotel Ghost Hunt | Haunted Paranormal In New York

Price is per person based on a minimum of two guests per room.

Some rooms can accommodate 3 or 4 guests, please check room details.

(If you are coming alone, then a single person supplement is required – contact the office to make this booking).

Each Room can accommodate two persons or more, (please check room details)

All Taxes, Room Occupancy Taxes and Gratuities are all included.

Check In Time:  7:00pm

Event Start Time: 8:30pm

Event Finish Time: 4:00am

Check Out Time:  10:00am

Your ghost hunt at The Shanley Hotel includes the following:

Overnight Access to the most haunted areas, including the Bordello, Gentleman’s Quarters, The Seance Room 

Accommodation Included.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Location History

Extending into southern New York is one of the most significant features of the majestic Appalachian Mountains known as the Great Appalachian Valley. The western border of this valley is known as Shawangunk Ridge.

The landscape of Shawangunk Ridge contains sparsely populations areas, such as the tiny hamlet of Napanoch in southeastern Ulster County. Napanoch is part of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area as well as a stop on the Shawangunk Ridge National Scenic Byway.

In standing at the corner of Main Street and Clinton Street, your gaze will turn to a historic building painted in white. In taking in the beauty of this building and thinking upon its history, you may feel the wind pick up and a whisper from the past beckoning you to step inside.

Be sure your bag is packed, as you’ve been called to make a reservation at the haunted Shanley Hotel!

In 1845, Thomas Ritch built Ritch’s Hotel on Main Street with the idea that Napanoch would be ideal for those looking to escape busy larger cities for a while. The nearby railroad provided the hotel with many travelers, which led Thomas Ritch’s venture to prove successful.

In 1851, Thomas Ritch sold the building, which was then renamed to Hungerford’s Hotel. Through the ownership of both, the hotel became known as a premier destination for excellent service, including a gentleman’s club with a bordello to provide services to many members of the upper echelon.

After several other sales of the property, the hotel fell into the ownership of Adolph Wagner in 1887. On March 18, 1895, a nearby fire resulted into catastrophic damage to the hotel. The determination of Adolph Wagner to see his property succeed led to the hotel being rebuilt and opened by November of that same year.

On October 6, 1901, James Shanley bought the hotel. This resulted in the building becoming known as The Shanley Hotel, the name the hotel is known by even today. James Shanley renovated the hotel, adding things such a barber shop, a billiard room, and a bowling alley.

While James Shanley’s ownership of the hotel didn’t create economic success for Napanoch, he did meet and fall in love with Beatrice Rowley. This love blossomed and resulted in Shanley marrying Beatrice at the Shanley Hotel on April 26, 1910.

James and Beatrice often hosted parties and events, as well as card and domino tournaments at the Shanley Hotel. Beatrice Shanley upgraded the décor of the hotel with Victorian beds, silk sheets, and an affluent and welcoming demeanor that resulted in a friendship with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

On January 6, 1912, Beatrice Shanley gave birth to a daughter named Kathleen. Kathleen sadly lived less than six months. Beatrice would go on to later give birth to James Shanley, Jr. who lived less than five months, and William Shanley, who died at nine months. Beatrice’s sister Esther Faughman, who lived in an apartment next door to James and Beatrice Shanley, died from the 1918 influenza outbreak. Esther’s death was especially hard for Beatrice, who now had to raise Esther’s two daughters.

Peter Greger served as the barber of the Shanley Hotel and lived on the property. His three-year-old daughter Rosie wandered across the road and fell into a well on the Hoornbeek Farm where she died from severe head injuries.

Dr. Walter Nelson Thayer Jr lived across an alley from the Shanley Hotel. In September 1915, Dr. Thayer backed his car out of the alley and inadvertently struck his son, Walter Nelson Thayer III, who was five years old at the time. While the incident didn’t result in death for the young child, he did suffer severe head injuries.

As the years passed, James Shanley operated a gentleman’s club with a bordello at the hotel and got involved with the bootlegging of liquor. On February 26, 1932, authorities raided the Shanley Hotel. This raid resulted in confiscating alcohol which was hidden beneath the bar, as well as the arrest of James Shanley and bootlegger John Powers. While Shanley and Powers both had their day in federal court, neither of them served any time over the raid.

In 1937, James Shanley suffered a heart attack and passed away. Beatrice then sold the Shanley Hotel to Allen Hazen. Hazen liked to drink, causing staff and guests to be quiet as Hazen slept off the previous night in The Silent Room. After Hazen’s death in 1971, the Shanley Hotel changed owners several times until eventually becoming a tavern known as James Shanley’s Tap Room.

In 1991, the tavern closed, and the property sat abandoned until 2005. Salvatore Nicosia bought the Shanley Hotel with the vision of restoration. Nicosia worked on restoration from 2007 until 2016 when he passed. The Shanley Hotel now serves as a historic bed and breakfast with incredible stories to tell.

The Paranormal

Grab your bag, check right in, and spend your night with the many spirits of the Haunted Shanley Hotel!

The Shanley Hotel holds the voices from the past that are looking to tell their stories and the energy of those who simply want to carry on as they did in life.

Multiple tragedies helped shape the frequent reports of paranormal activity that exist today. Our ghost hunts at this location provide an opportunity to spend a night and experience what many travelers, paranormal investigators, and staff can only define as supernatural.

As you walk through the building, will you be overcome with the sad emotions, smell the perfume, or see the apparition of Beatrice Shanley, who may still be mourning the losses of her children, sister and husband?

Will the shadows of a dark hallway give you a glimpse of little Rosie Greger, who tragically passed after toppling into a well? Rosie has been known to speak to unsuspecting guests who have booked a room for the night.

Should you make your way into the attic, you just might find the spirit of “Jonathan” wanting to play. No one knows if his name is Jonathan or his connection to the Shanley Hotel, but if you find him, he just may tell you his story.

Is Allen Hazen still suffering from his long nights of alcohol in The Silent Room? Can John Powers still reside within the walls as he tries to make sense of what happened to confiscated liquor? Here’s your chance to find out!

The many spirits that linger in the Haunted Shanley Hotel have many reasons for doing so. Some have stories to tell. Others may seek help with a task. And yet others enjoy being in the comfort of the property they knew in life, carrying on as they always have.

The Haunted Shanley Hotel holds energies from beyond the grave that become apparent the moment you step inside. This location is a hotbed of paranormal activity, and while the walls can’t talk, the spirits of those who remain inside can and will! Come find out what they might say to you!


Room Information

Every room at The Shanley Hotel is haunted. Do you have what it takes to sleep in the Bordello Rooms, or do you want to go back in time and sleep in the same room that President Roosevelt slept in?

Do you have a large group? – The Gentleman’s Quarters has 5 double beds and can sleep a maximum of 10 guests.

Rosie’s Room – Bordello – Double Bed – Sleeps 2

Maddie’s Room – Bordello – Double Bed – Sleeps 2

Anna’s Room – Bordello – Double Bed – Sleeps 2

Roosevelt Room – King Bed – Sleeps 2

Oscar Grover – Double & Single Bed – Sleeps 3

Rose Room – King & Single Bed – Sleeps up to 3

Silent Room Double & Single Bed – Sleeps 3

Marguerite Room – King Bed – Sleeps 2

Esthers Room – Double & Single Bed – Sleep 3

GQ – Can Sleep up to 10

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