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Wildwood Sanitarium Ghost Hunt
Salamanca, New York
Friday September 23rd 2022


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Pay a deposit of $50.00 per person (remaining balances are due 4 weeks before the event! All deposits and full payments are non refundable)
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Our Ghost Hunts at Wildwood Sanitarium are not for the faint of heart.

The paranormal that has been captured here will even test the most avid investigator.

This investigation is a “Thirteen” event.

Your time will be spent in the most haunted areas with limited guests

This is a structured small guest event with the Ghost Hunts USA Team

are unique, structured, small ghost hunting events for the paranormal enthusiast. We have booked highly sought after locations across America, and are making them available to a select few.

Each event is limited to very limited guests, giving you more time with equipment, with team members and with the haunted location itself to explore, discover and question.

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Wildwood Sanitarium Ghost Hunt
Wildwood Sanitarium Ghost Hunt
Wildwood Sanitarium Ghost Hunt

Event Start Time: 8:30pm

Event Finish Time: 4:00am

Your ghost hunt at Wildwood Sanitarium includes the following:

Thirteen Special Event.

Exclusive access to the most haunted areas of this former Sanitarium

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.

Selection of snacks.

Location History

County records show the property now known as Wildwood Sanitarium was built in 1900. A stately, three-story stone structure located in a small town in Western New York that sits on the Native American Alleghany Reservation, was opened as Sunnyside Sanitarium and Bath House by Drs. Henderson and Perry in 1906. They, along with their nurses, Bertha, Agnes and Sue, offered patients individualized care and a “cure” for alcoholism and other addiction issues.  

In 1923, the sanitarium was converted into a tuberculosis clinic due to the pressing need within the community. It is unknown how many people were treated for this horrific and debilitating disease, or how many may have perished there, waiting for a cure. It became an osteopathic hospital and a “natural healing” clinic thereafter, offering such therapies as bone stretching and electric battery baths. The property changed hands a number of times in the following years, and it was converted into three apartments at one point in time. But tenants didn’t seem to stay very long and the old stone house was rumored to be haunted.

The house was purchased by Laurie Wagatha in 2017. She, along with her daughter, Brooke, host groups for overnight paranormal investigations, and offer tours and other events throughout the year. Wildwood Sanitarium is a unique and authentic reminder of the days when therapies for a multitude of diseases were experimental at best, and tragic at worst. Join us and find out if the spirits who linger here are ready to tell you their stories.

The Paranormal

Once touted as a holistic healing center that claimed to cure such illnesses as drug addiction and alcoholism, what is now known as Wildwood Sanitarium in Salamanca, NY, may have some spirits still lingering within its walls, waiting to tell their stories. Come with us to investigate and explore this stately stone structure and see what secrets may be revealed.

Constructed in 1900, the building was opened as Sunnyside Sanitarium and bath house in 1906 by two osteopathic physicians: Dr. Perry and Dr. Henderson, along with their nurses, boasting individualized care and “guarantee [of] a perfect and absolute cure” for those suffering from addiction. It remained in operation as such until 1923 when it needed to accept local tuberculosis patients – the first time it would treat those with infectious diseases. After that, it served as an osteopathic hospital clinic where treatments included “natural healing methods” such as bone stretching, UV light therapy and electric battery baths. Since then, the building has gone through several owners, and was converted into three apartments at one point in time, but no one stayed in residence for very long. Perhaps because it was rumored to be haunted, and people began reporting paranormal activity, such as being pushed and touched. 

Since being purchased in 2017 and offered to paranormal investigators as a place with supernatural activity, visitors have reported a number of haunting claims at Wildwood Sanitarium, including shadow figures and disembodied voices in the space named “Tommy’s” room. Investigation equipment is often manipulated by an unseen entity in “Linda’s” room. On the second floor of the building, people complain of feeling claustrophobic or of being watched. EVPs have been captured on the premises, and light anomalies are quite common.

So, who is it that still remains within this historic building, trying to communicate from the other side? Could it be the doctors and nurses who cared for the addicted, or those suffering from tuberculosis? Perhaps it could be some of the patients who were never able to go home again? Could the hauntings be caused by the land on which the structure sits? 

Maybe you can discover the answers to the secrets and stories of the spirits who still call this sanitarium home. Book your ticket now and find out if they are willing to talk to you.

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